Yukipoyo – 2nd Photobook and Interview

Yukipoyo (Kimura Yuki) will release her 2nd photo book “Yukipoyogram 02” on March 27th. The first one was released about a year ago on the 18th of January.

In an interview with ModelPress, she talked about the challenges of doing a sexy photo-shoot and how she tackled difficult conditions, as well as her growth from previous work.

This time the pictures for her photo-book where shot in Thailand, and show all of her real life charms. The books show off the sexy side of Yukipoyo in bikini and lingerie.

Bewitching and Sexy - 2nd Photobook

-Please tell us about the highlights of the 2nd photo-book.
Yukipoyo: Both the 1st and 2nd photo-books were made with Yuki’s sensibilities and hobbies, but the way I express myself and pose has changed so much. The previous photo book is called “THE GAL”. This time, gal is also a factor, but I feel like I have grown up.

-Last time, you mentioned focusing on “cuteness, coolness, sexiness, and fashionability” for your book.
Yukipoyo: That’s right. But this time, it ’s completely “youran”.*

Yukipoyo: That’s right (laughs). Shake it off with a charm, and use a mature sex appeal.

(*She uses youran instead of youen and the interviewer corrects her)

-This work is “Adult SEXY”, but please tell us what were you conscious of?
Yukipoyo: In the past, I was directed by a photographer, “This way, this way,” but this time I did my own posing without any hassle. In the past year, I have been able to sense the atmosphere of the shooting location, detect what the photographer wants to shoot, and express it. Until now, I always thought, “I wish I could be pretty.”
But for the 2nd book, I feel like “I want to get used to the atmosphere of the place” and make full use of the set. Some of my colleagues are doing the same job, so I sometimes steal their poses and try them.

― For your first book you gave yourself the score of 120, how would you score your new book?
Yukipoyo: I’m really satisfied, and when I look at the reactions around me, I’m praised for “growing up”, so this time I’ll be way over 100 points … 180 points!

Shooting in Thailand

-Could you tell us more about the shooting in Thailand?
Yukipoyo: After arriving in Thailand on a midnight flight, the most difficult part was to shoot without taking a break. I intended to sleep on the airplane, but a baby was crying the whole time making it impossible. We started working 15 minutes after I arrived. My makeup artist knew that I just came off of a flight and allowed me to sleep on the bed while they did my makeup.

-That’s a pretty tight schedule …
Yukipoyo: I thought I would die if I did not get any sleep, my eyes just wanted to close. I was really close to collapsing, it was a really difficult day.
I stayed in Thailand for three nights and four days. Thankfully I got to sleep well during the next days and was in good shape. But still we shot mostly everything on the first day, including the cover.

The expression is so glamorous, that you can’t imagine it was taken in a difficult situation.
Yukipoyo: In the 1st photo-book I showed a lot of normal facial expressions, but in the 2nd photo-book I show a lot of expressions that even surprised myself. They feel so erotic and I have never seen that side of myself before. 

-Please tell us your favorite shots.
Yukipoyo: I like the cover we took in front of the window in my room. But we took it on the first day, so I hardly remember taking it.

"Yuki is not interested in eating any"

-How did you prepare for the photoshoot?
Yukipoyo: Last time I was not as busy as I am now, so I was able to work on my body for the photo book. But recently I have been getting home really late and going out early. I know I am supposed to manage my time, but I haven’t had time to go to the gym and it is really frustrating.

-What do you do when you have a bit of time?
Yukipoyo: I had a massage with a esthetic at midnight to have the lymph drained, and the cellulite removed. ThenI focus on my diet and make sure not to consume too much alcohol.

-Did you like alcohol?
Yukipoyo: I like it, but I don’t drink at all surprisingly. I used to drink alone every day. But now I only drink once a month, and I have no alcohol at home.

-You’re quite thorough in managing your physical condition. Please tell us about the beauty methods you usually try.
Yukipoyo: Don’t go to convenience stores unless you need to, because you will buy sweets and juices. I don’t go except when my throat is so dry I feel like dying; or when I suddenly decide to stay over at someones place and need underwear. If you really want to eat something, tell your brain “Yuki is not interested in eating anything”.

(ModelPress Editorial Department. Pictures from Yukipoyo and Hidekazu Maiyama(C)Futabasha Publishers Ltd.2020. Translation and modification by Emi)

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