Volume 3 Reader Submissions; Time to get Wild

The time you’ve all been waiting for is here! Volume 3 is in the works and we need you, our readers, to send in your reader submissions!

This time we have three fun categories you can submit to so read on and send us your best stuff!

Send us your best memes!

Volume 3 Reader Submissions

Our newest Baby Gyaru, Bearn-pyon, asks for your support in his quest to make an amazing meme spread that will surely surpass all others!

Send in your best gal memes, we know we can’t be the only ones that love making them!

Submissions go to our email;

Send us your Slumber Party Stories

Slumber parties are one fun way to get Wild and be sexy! Got any fun stories? May they be funny, cute, embarrassing or wild!

Animal Talk makes a sort of a return after over a year, so hopefully you’ll see some fun stories along with cute illustrations!

Send them in ASAP or they might not get included!
You can do so anonymously here!

Volume 3 Reader Submissions

Want to be Featured in Papillon?

Volume 3 Reader Submissions

We love seeing all the gorgeous makeup and outfits of our readers! Tag your posts with #papillongals to be included in Volume 3 or send us your best pics to papillonmagazinephoto@gmail.com

Want to Join our team? Send us a Mail!

We’ll be eagerly awaiting all your amazing submissions!

Who can’t wait to know the theme of our next issue?!?
Leave your guesses down below in the comments!!



  1. Theme is how to recruit high political figures into your galsa for gyaru world domination 😈😈😈

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