Volume 2 pre-order

Volume 2 Pre-Order

After almost a year it is finally time to open up pre-orders for Volume 2!

It’s become clear that COVID won’t be slowing down too much so we have been hesitant about taking the leap. However, with Volume 3 in the making we thought it was about time to give our readers a chance to enjoy flipping through a physical copy of Volume 2.

This time around we set up a store on our Ko-fi to make purchasing a physical copy of Papillon even easier than before!

Don’t miss this chance to add Papillon Volume 2 to your Gyaru magazine collection!!

As always we are extremely thankful for all the support we get every time we release a new issue, and are elated that so many of you want to be able to flip through a physical copy of Papillon!

We hope you are as excited as us about this pre-order, we’re so happy to be able to do this again! Big thank you to anyone that purchases Volume 2, maybe grab one for a family member or a friend and give them a chance to learn about gyaru too!

Keep an open eye for an extra fun surprise coming VERY soon!

Disclaimer: All sales are final. Once the package has been shipped, we are not responsible for delayed items, damages, or lost packages. If an exchange is desired, all shipping costs incurred are to be paid by the buyer. Duties and Customs taxes and fees are the responsibility of the buyer, if applicable. Papillon is a non-profit magazine made by loving fans of gyaru fashion and culture with the only goal of spreading love of it’s fashion. All outstanding funds will be used for improvements on homepage etc. 



  1. Oh no! I just missed this order 🙁 I thought I was subscribed the mailing list but I guess not since I never got any notifications about this order period. Any chance there will be any excess available for sale?

    1. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get an email about the pre-order, any chance it got put into spam or any other inbox?
      I did check to see if I found you on our mailing list an assuming it’s the same email as you use to comment on here, then you are not on our list. I’m sorry but we do not have any excess to sell… 🙁

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