Twin models Chie and Chika

Twin Models Chie&Chika Yoshikawa turn 31!

On January 31st Chie Yoshikawa updated her Instagram with a picture of her, her twin sister Chika, Sakurina (Rina Sakurai) and Ririka (Ririka Kotobuki). The four of them are models and close friends outside of social media.

Although twin models Chie and Chika’s 31st birthday was on the 18th of November last year, Sakurina and Ririka decided to throw them a surprise Princess party at Hime-kai.
Hime-kai is a place that specializes in photo shoots in beautifully set up rooms with fancy decorations.

Princess Party for Twins Chie and Chika

Twin models Chie and Chika were wearing white dresses, while Sakurina and Ririka wore red dresses, the dresses were also provided by Hime-Kai.
Sakurina uploaded a group photo of the four of them lying on the floor with a caption saying how happy she was to be able to get this group photo together. As they had planned it for around their birthday but those plans sadly fell through. I guess being a model, and having models as best friend is the worst combinations for birthdays, seeing as the surprise party was two months late! However based on how cute the pictures came out, I would say they were well worth the wait!

(Modelpress editorial department, Translation and modification by Emi)

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  1. Awe, cute! 💖 Especially since Ageha isn’t publishing anymore, it’s nice to see them all together 💕

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