Twins Join CYBERJAPAN Dancers

On March 3rd, it was announced on ModelPress that a set of twins would join CYBERJAPAN Dancers. They are Ena and Miku and are the first twins to join the group. But they are not the first sister pair to join as the sisters Kanae and Kazue are also a part of the group.

The twins first became popular on their TikTok under the username @enamiku, where they have now over 110,000 followers.

Both are studying to become a dental hygienists. They also practice gymnastics, piano, dance, calligraphy, study English and play golf, while also getting tutored.

As the newest members of CYBERJAPAN Dancers, they want to do their best.

Message from Ena

Birthday: November 8
Hometown: Shiga Prefecture
Height: 158cm
Hobbies: TikTok, listen to music, listen to ASMR chewing sound, movies, sitz bath (shallow bath for your butt)

As of 2020, I am one of the ENAMIKU twins, Ena! The newest members of CYBERJAPAN Dancers! It has been 16 years since I started playing the piano at age 4. I have been learning a lot of things aside from that like  gymnastics, English conversation, tutoring, calligraphy, dance, golf and so on. But the only thing I feel like I can brag about is the piano as I took part of a competition in junior high school. I have been practicing dance for 7 years and for a short time I went to EXPG dance studio.

Thanks to TikTok, I got into CYBERJAPAN Dancers. I was making videos with my twin sister, when suddenly we got really popular and we gained around 110,000 followers and gained the attention of the group! Before long it was decided that we would join the group this year! I will be part of the Twin Duo ENAMIKU. Nice to meet you all!

Message from Miku

Birthday: November 8
Hometown: Shiga Prefecture
Height: 158cm
Hobbies: TikTok, listen to music, watching movies

Me and Ena have been together since we were little, learning together, going to the same school and growing up together. I have been playing the piano for 16 years, since I was 4 years old and I still play classical music.

Since I was a child, I have been going to a lot of lessons such as gymnastics, piano, calligraphy, dance, tutoring, swimming, English, golf, etc., But the piano has been the only constant. Last year I started playing golf with my mother and father, it’s a lot of fun to go one round with my family.

I am very thankful that the always smiling, stylish members of CYBERJAPAN Dancers saw our TikTok and reached out to us.
This journey has just started, and I know there will be a lot of challenges. But as a new member I want to do my best! So please take good care of me!

(ModelPress Editorial Department, modified and translated by Emi)

Signature Chibi Emi

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