Spring 2020 Trends

Trends for Spring/Summer 2020 are evolving a lot like previous years; being chic, but comfortable, elegant but not too sexy. However with the pastel and neutral colour palettes in fashion, the trends this season look really dainty and youthful while still being mature.

Originally I predicted that 2020 would continue bringing us animal prints, but so far, I have not been seeing much of much of them. I think the trend will make an appearance eventually, but it will be nothing compared to last year where there was a literal explosion of dalmatian, leopard, python and zebra prints all over. 


Key colors: beige, white, dust pink
Secondary colours: mint green, pale blue, lemon yellow

The colour palette for this spring is super soft with pastel colours; albeit a bit muted versions of them.
We tend to see a similar colour palette each spring, but surely there will be more pops of colour as we get closer to summer!

Spring 2020 Trends

Big trends: Long skirts, mermaid skirts, trench coats, dots, lace, straight toe heels, muted colors, flare pants.
Minor trends: Peplum tops, puffy sleeves, tulle skirts, animal patterns, glitter threads, tweed, denim, big thick headbands.

As soon as I saw some of the colour-palette for this spring, I immediately fell in love with it. Especially the combination of this years mint with white. So far my favorite trends are denim tulle skirts and glitter threads in clothing.

Which trends do you gals like/see yourself picking up for this spring?

I hope you all enjoyed this post, even though it is so heavily focused on Onee Gyaru and more mature fashion. These trends can hopefully all be implemented on your own sub-style in such a way that we are all rocking what we love while being trendy!

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  1. I love these trends, been wearing a lot of dark clothes recently but looking forward to getting some color in my wardrobe <3

  2. The muted pastel colors are a nice change, I don’t own any mint clothing but I think it would be a fun color to incorporate. I agree with you guys who love the skirt trend. I’ve wanted a long tulle skirt for some time now! I should get one!! (゜o゜;

    1. Im going to double my efforts to find a nice long muted pink or cream skirt now. I’ve been considering one a while but needed more inspo how to wear it in a gal way and this answers my prayers!

  3. I’ve been super into the muted pinks and blues lately and am so excited to incorporate those colors into my wardrobe!

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