Seina Divorce

Seina Divorces at Young Age

News often write about Seina, but being a young mom she gathers a lot of attention. Especially when you add being a model to the mix.

This article is translated from Modelpress and released there on the 2nd of September, 2020.

Seina became popular as the the first Gyaru Mama model in egg. On the first of September (2020) there was a sudden announcement up on her blog.

Seina's Profile

Seina was born on the 18th of March, 2002 in Kanagawa prefecture of Japan. At the tender age of 16 she got married, in December of 2018. Following her marriage she had her daughter, Lala, in March of 2019. While raising her daughter she became one of egg’s exclusive models and received a lot of popularity as a gyaru mama.

While working hard to raise her first child she is receiving a lot of attention for being the mags first Gyaru mama model.

Earlier this month Seina updated her blog with a new post titled “Announcement”, writing on there the reasoning for their divorce.
“Recently I, Seina, and my husband decided to get a divorce and to life our lives separately as two people. Our lives are very different, and as husband and wife we would pass by each other on many occasions. This lead to the discussion of divorce”.

As such she followed with: “There are so many happy memories, and more than anything I am grateful for my beautiful daughter”. Full of gratitude she continued with; “I have the legal custody of her. We are no longer married but to our daughter that was born to us we are her only mother and father in this world and as such we will continue to work together and give her all our love”. Seina reveals these news on her first child that she gave birth to in March 2019.

Seina was so young when she married and had her child, it cannot be easy but we wish her and Lala the best in the future!

Does Seina’s divorce surprise you?

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  1. I didn’t know she was married, omg! But she’s super young and has a long life coming for her and her baby. Her career is just starting and she already has a brand, so I’m sure a lot of happiness and success will come for her and Lala.

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