graduated from high school

Seina and Yuchami – High School Graduation

Beginning of March Seina and Yuchami, two exclusive models to egg magazine, announced their graduation from High School.

They have yet to announce it if they are going to university or of they are going to focus on their modeling career at the moment, but we wish them all the best in their future endevours.

Messages from Seina and Yuchami

graduated from high school


Graduation ceremony ~ 🌸🎓
On the 2nd of March I was at the peak of my Gyaru.
Mom, High School Student, egg model, doing three jobs was difficult but had its good times.
It was a really precious time in Seina’s life and I have grown a lot.
Thanks to the help of many people around me I managed to graduate, it makes me so happy!
Thank you all so much!
From now on I am going to power up as a mom and an egg model!
Please continue cheering for me and supporting me.


I graduated from high school
I was able to graduate properly ~

I will always continue feeling like I am a High School student✌️❤
From now on I will be full of smiles and continue doing my best~ 🔥🔥🔥

graduated from high school
Signature Chibi Emi

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