4th egg exclusive model

Runner ups for EGG Magazine model audition

Riana Someya (16) and Fumika Mochida (18) took part in the 4th egg exclusive model audition alongside the winners Marisa and AiRi. They did not win, however they received the Model Press Award and can partake in the egg channel YouTube videos.

4th egg exclusive model
4th egg exclusive model

Different beginnings

-First of all, please tell us why you decided to audition.
Riana: I was aiming for an exclusive model of egg, because I love gal.

-When did you start liking gals?
Riana: I have liked gals since I was a little girl. I liked reading “BETTY”, “egg” and “ageha” since I was an elementrary school student, and I like Kumi Koda. The reason why I like them so much might be because there where so many around.

-What about you Chanfumi?
Chanfumi: On the contrary, I was scared of gals when I was little. However, one day I went to a festival and there was a gal there who was gentle enough to buy me a chocolate covered banana. After that I became fond of gals, especially Hana Imai and became one myself.

-So, did you have any difficulties during the audition period?
Riana: To get support we had to do many live streams on Line. Like karaoke or just anything people wanted to watch.

Chanfumi: I also participated in the previous audition, but at that time I only streamed about once every three days. And I could not watch the streams from other participants. But this timeI could, and I watched a lot of people and studied, thought how to increase the number of people who watched. And worked hard to stream every day.

-In the end you got the Model Press Award, but please tell us your frank feelings.
Riana: I’m glad you chose me, but I’m sorry that I didn’t win.

Chanfumi: I’m happy, but I’m sorry that I couldn’t win.

-Riana is already working as an  “egg girl”. What did you improve in this audition?
Riana: I improved my conversation skills with “LINE LIVE”.

4th egg exclusive model

Fame & Nail Design

-Please tell us about your future.
Riana: I want to be famous! I would like to be an egg model, but I like gals so I want to be famous as a gal and create a clothing brand in the future.

-What about Chanfumi?
Chanfumi: I want to open a nail shop myself. I want to do it.

-Did you do today’s nails as well?
Chanfumi: I did them myself. I watch YouTube and my sister-in-law works at a nail shop and teaches me.

-That’s amazing! By the way, please tell me the point of makeup?
Chanfumi: Don’t become a panda (laughs).

-How many falsies do you have on today?
Chanfumi: This is a stack of five (laughs). But recently my makeup has gotten a bit watered down.

Riana: I also feel like I stack…but I only have two.

4th egg exclusive model

Wearing false lashes since elementrary & Living alone at 13

-Next, I want to know what kind of children you where. How where you in elementary school / junior high school?
Riana: I started wearing false lashes in the lower grades of elementary school. I’ve always been a kids brand model, and it’s a gal-like brand, so that influenced me as well.

Chanfumi: I was always annoying my parents… I had a rebellious period (laughs). One day, my parents gave me a key and told me to live alone from second year of junior high, saying, “You will learn how hard it is to live alone.” From year 2-3 (13-15 years old) of junior high I lived alone, the for year 1-2 of high school I lived in a share house with my friends and now I live with my boyfriend.

-Lastly, please tell us the “secrets of fulfilling your dreams”.
Chanfumi: There are many types of gals, and even though you  might think “I am a gal,” many people will say that you are not a gal. But I think that if I think I am a gal, then I am a gal. Kuro gyaru aren’t the only gyaru, there are also Shiro gyaru. But if you don’t let what people tell you become a complex then I think you can boldly move forward and make your dream come true

Riana: For me it is not giving up. I think it’s about going on without giving up.

– Thank you very much.

(Modelpress Editorial Department. Translated and modified by Emi)

Signature Chibi Emi

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