reader model for egg

Where is Ka-Tan now?

Many gals remember and adore Ka-tan and wonder what came of her and what she is doing today. She was a reader model for egg for 8 years, in those 8 years she graced the covers 26 times!

After modeling for egg, she also modeled for a while for Ane Ageha. Now she is married, mother of three, working as a truck driver in Okinawa, and directing her own brand called Comprenda. She has also dabbled in being a race Queen, and is now studying to become a real estate agent.

It might seem like a weird change to go from being a model to becoming a truck driver, however her father was a truck driver and had her driving one as soon as she got her license at 18. Even before that she was used to trucks due to her fathers job.

Her brand is not a normal gyaru brand, in the sense that it is a working clothes brand, made for girls who want to look cute while doing manual work. She wanted to break away from looking like a badly dressed old man, so she made her brand.

Comprenda overalls

reader model for egg
reader model for egg

Profile & Social Media

Real Name: Kanae Watanabe
Age: April 28, 1985, 35 years old
Birthplace: Tokyo⇒now Okinawa
Children: Mom of 3 children!
Title: Mamba gal guru
Occupation: Truck driver (24t)

Comprenda Instagram



(Information&pics from Road To Road, excite, Translation and modification by Emi)

reader model for egg
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  1. She was actually already driving trucks during her hime gyaru days, so around 2007! They show it in this video if you’re interested
    I always found it super funny. I’ve been curious about what she’s been up to, so thank you for this article! Her band is super cute

    1. This video is AMAZING :O What a cool gal Ka-tan is

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