Popular Gyaru Slang of 2020

Remember Popular Gyaru slang of 2019? Over a year later this post is still one of our most read posts so we decided to bring you Popular Gyaru slang of 2020!

This time egg surveyed their egg models, egg girls and their YouTube commenters; over 5000 people, on what slang they liked over the year 2020! 

Popular Gyaru Slang 2020; Top 3

It’s been popular ever since the students of the legendary Gyaru High School, K-prefecture, T-High School danced to the song CHERNOBYL 2017.

(At one point the rumor was that this song was the school song)

During the chorus of the song it sounds like they say “yarirafii”, so this word stuck to the people who mainly danced to the song. I.e., guys who wear clothes such asskinny jeans and tight t-shirts and are super energetic.

Originating from South-Korea, the “love sign” formed by two fingers is often used to say “kyunkyun” (heart-throbbing)

Recently on TikTok there has been a big boom, where gals do this pose then the song says “kyun desu”.

In your daily life you can use this when something makes your heart flutter or you find something cute, for gals it’s already in daily usage!

Slang for ;

Something gals use often when asking for something.

Made popular by the YouTube duo PaparaPys who use it a lot in their videos.

Popular Gyaru Slang 2020; Runner-ups

Used when you’re in high spirits clapping, or instead of saying “Cheers!”.

Said to originate from Kabukicho, YouTubers PaparaPys use it a lot in their videos, making it more main stream.

When you’re happy, if you just say “ieiiei”, then that’s all that’s needed!

Slang for 大丈夫そう?/daijyobu-sou?

Again, this one was made popular by PaparaPys, but egg model Mirichamu uses it a lot as well.

Meaning; “It’s crazy yummy!” “I’m tripping it’s so good!”

Made super famous when Choushuuriki, a performance wrestler, said it on a TV show when eating shellfish, but he found it so amazingly good that he yelled “Tobu-zo!”

You can see it in everyday language now as well as on SNS accompanying food pictures.

Choushuuriki used it in his daily language before it became a boom.

Changing -ru verb endings to -ri to make the word cuter.

For example;

A:何してり?/Nani shiteri? What are you doing?

B:ご飯食べてり/Gohan tabeteri
Eating food

egg model Momo uses it a lot on her sns!

Putting ~nida at the end of a word it transforms into Korean.

TikToker Shorin used it in a video where he turned a lot of things into candy and from there it became widely used.

YouTuber Maruyama Rei plays the character Inoue Chiaki who is the manager of the High Schools Art Club, but this character of hers often says this.

Used when you don’t understand something or are feigning ignorance.

egg model Aimi uses this a lot!

Comes from the Japanese way of saying “Thank you” (サンキュー/Sankyu). More than just a normal thank you, it shows a deeper more familiar feeling.

This appeared in DJ Shudan Represents Earth’s song and became popular from there.

As for gals they only use it when talking to close friends. But remember to NOT use it when talking with your Senpai. lol

Other Popular Slang among egg Models!

Honorable mentions from within egg models and staff, not super wide-spread slang, but worth mentioning!

Our Faves!

Those were some great words to add to our vocabulary!
I’ve personally been using ~nida for a while now, but I like Hanya? and Tobu-zo a lot now after reading this!

What about you gals? Any slang here you could see yourself using?

Translated article from egg Magazine!


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