dating her ex-boyfriend

Pito on dating her ex boyfriend again

Former Egg model, turned nuts model, Pito (Hitoe Komura) just announced on her twitter and instagram that she is now back to dating her ex-boyfriend Shohei. Pito and Shohei started dating back in 2017. While she had not disclosed when they broke up, looking at Shohei’s Instagram it looks like they were still together in the beginning of the year.

dating her ex-boyfriend

Message on Instagram

Some of you may know it, but I broke up wit Shohei some time ago.
Even though I did not properly announce it, I am sorry for making you all worry.
Now I have started over with Shohei again.

We spend all of our time together both at work and at home.
Often you stop seeing things, and it is not until you do not see it that you realize how important it is. There are many things that I have recently realized were important to me. Shohei is really important to me. I realized I did not want to loose him and told him my feelings.
There will be times where we will collide in our opinions, but we will respect each other and cherish our time spent together.

I will do my best at my own pace.
Please watch over us.

Thank you for your patience.

dating her ex-boyfriend

Shohei's Message

Pitopei have made a comeback!
We’re sorry to cause any alarm during these times, but there has been a lot going on within ourselves.

I am deeply sorry that we could not update you on our relationship. From today you will see more Pitopei updates so I hope that you will watch over us warmly! lol

I hope that we will be able to look back on these times and laugh about it all!

We’re a surprising couple but! please take care of us.


Wishing Pito and Shohei all the best in the future, we all love seeing our gals being happy in their private lives!

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