Papillon Vol.1 in Print! Order Yours Now!

We at Papillon are super excited today as we bring you some great news!
This has been requested so many times and we have worked so hard to perfect it as we want to be able to give you our best!

So, without further ado, we bring you our last big news of the year;


This image contains the information of Papillon's Volume one print. It is available to preorder from the 19th of Dec to the 9th of Jan.

We’ll be opening pre-orders from TODAY, celebrating two months since our release!

Please tell us whereabouts you live so we can calculate shipping and get back to you quickly! 

We’re so thankful to receive all your support and we hope you will continue supporting us through this pre-order as well as in our future volumes!

So who’s excited for this?! Will you be joining other gals for the preorder??

Shows a mock-up of what you can expect of a magazine

Follow us on our socials for previews of the mag and other juicy stuff! We’ll be posting pictures of the magazine as well as videos so you won’t want to miss out!!

We’re also waiting for your submissions to our reader participation events, but we have made an event over at facebook so RSVP to it there to make sure you don’t forget!

Don’t forget to get Papillon Volume 1 in print today!!!

Disclaimer: All sales are final. Once the package has been shipped, we are not responsible for delayed items, damages, or lost packages. If an exchange is desired, all shipping costs incurred are to be paid by the buyer. Duties and Customs taxes and fees are the responsibility of the buyer, if applicable. Papillon is a non-profit magazine made by loving fans of gyaru fashion and culture with the only goal of spreading love of it’s fashion. All outstanding funds will be used for improvements on homepage etc. 



  1. Can’t wait to get my copy 😭💖💖💖

  2. Can’t belt this is actually happening!

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