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NUTS Revival – Onee Gyaru on the Rise

Recently the revival of two old Onee Gyaru magazines have been announced. Thoes magazines being revived are NUTS and BLENDA.

NUTS ran originally from November 2004 until 2014. They restarted once before in July 2015, however that did not even last a year as they closed again in March 2016. Now, we are expecting an even more exciting revival on the 1st of April (Let’s cross our fingers for no weird April Fools).

Aside from NUTS the magazine BLENDA will also be revived on the 20th of April with Michopo (Miyu Ikeda) as its cover model. Blenda ran from September 2003 until September 2014. As far from what I can see of the model lineup it will not be a strictly gyaru magazine, but focus on many styles.

Models then

In the past, NUTS models where called NUTS mates and consisted of models such as Ena Matsumoto, Akane Satomi, Sayoko Ozaki, Shizuka Takeda, Saki Nanba, Eriko Tachiya, Akane Suda, Yui Minemura and Nicole Abe.

Models now

The exclusive models this time around will be Sakura, Pito, Ayaka, Nana and Kato Mika. While the guest models are Mimi, Reina, Kanon and Kana. They will follow in the footsteps of the old NUTS and yet again be called NUTS mates.

In additon to the five exclusive models, they are holding an audition to add one more exclusive model. From the top three most voted ones, the two that will loose will still be able to appear on their YouTube channel, Nuts Channel.

There will be series of votes, but the last interview will be on the 2nd of May, as of now we do not know if the winner will be announced then or at a later date.

Announcement Video

Message from Pito and Ayaka

On the 1st of April the legendary Onee Gyaru Magazine “nuts” will be revived!

This will be my path after graduating from egg, but I will graduate at the end of March and from then become an exclusive model for nuts.
As a model for EGGs older sister magazine I want to do my best to hype up Onee Gyaru so please continue supporting me from now on as well!
Following that nuts is doing model auditions!
We’re waiting for all of you beautiful Onee Gyaru to apply!

Nuts revival

nuts revival!!! The Onee gyaru Magazine nuts will be reviving!
I’ve gotten the opportunity to be one of their exclusive models, which would count for one of the reasons I decided to graduate EGG.
I would like for young gals to do their best for Egg, but structurally speaking I am more of a Tsuyome Onee Gyaru so at this point I will be graduating EGG, reviving nuts and looking forward to seeing the EGG gals creating new ways!
I did hesitate a lot though lol I want a lot of people to know about nuts so please support us from now on!
As such I will do my best as a nuts exclusive model, please cheer me on!

Gyaru Boom

This Gyaru Boom has definitely been doing us all good with great mags like EGG and now nuts having been revived and put in print, let’s cross our fingers that it only goes up from now!

Are you excited to see another magazine revived?

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  1. I’m lookin forward to see the new version of the magazine 😍😍 thank you for this wonderful post ❤️

  2. Author

    So incredebly happy that NUTS is coming back, used to be my favorite magazine!

    1. I love them all, long live Onee and Ane gals!

  3. Soooo excited 😍💖 Very happy to see Ayaka again!! She was a standout of new gen Egg models for me, so I was sad when she announced her graduation. Knowing she’ll still be modeling gyaru is exciting ❤ All the models look gorg 😍😍😍

  4. aahhhhh I am so excited!
    They all look amazing and I can’t wait to see more Onee Gyaru!!!

  5. I’m so excited for this !! Really want to see what looks they do so I can try it out !

  6. AHHH is this out yet?? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere to buy it!! *__*

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