Nemoyayo on her Surgery

Back in 2016 Nemoyayo suffered from unknown pain that turned out to be more common than she expected. Read on to learn more about this and the surgery she had to get done!

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On the 8th of September 2020 Nemoyayo appeared on the Variety TV show ” THE! World’s Astonishing News” where she talked about her sudden excruciating pain, and the illness that caused it. Nemoyayo revealed her current situation after finding out.

Nemoyayo's Profile

Nemoyayo was the cover model of egg’s 28th issue and has since then been popular as a gyaru charisma model.

Back in 2014 he joined “S Cawaii” as one of their models, but graduated in August of 2017 after one year of hiatus.

She then became an exclusive model for Ane Ageha in December 2017 and debuted in their January issue.

What Illness is Affecting Nemoyayo?

Nemoyayo debuted as a model in the magazine “egg” and has been a popular charisma model with teens. She’s also the producer for a clothing brand and active in many corners of the industry.
However, back in 2016, she suffered from extreme pain during some of her busiest times.

The symptoms would always appear about half an hour after eating a meal; a swelling under the jaw and immense pain.
After a while the swelling and pain would go away, so she’d sometimes write on sns that “the swelling in my nymph node still hasn’t gone away”, but confesses that she didn’t go to the hospital right away. However, one day at the dentist after getting an X-ray of her jaw, the dentist found something resembling a rock in her jaw.

Upon an examination at the hospital Nemoyayo got diagnosed with “Sialolithiasis”, a condition that affects 1 in 3000 people; Stones formed in her salivary glands and the ducts that produce saliva, effectively blocking the glands saliva comes out from. The doctors recommended her to get a surgery due to the size of the stone, but as a model she was on the fence of getting a surgery that could affect her jaw.

However, while worrying about the effects of a surgery the pain was so bad that Nemoyayo fainted. Upon further examination at the hospital it was found that the stones got discharged from the gland, but where still stuck and blocking the way. Due to this she decided to get the surgery.

Nemoyayo's Surgery

Nemoyayo then gets her surgery in a way that leaves no scarring, but her doctor performs the surgery endoscopically where he takes out the stone from inside her mouth. The stone was big so it had to be broken up and taken out, but the surgery was a big success! The surgery was finally over, and Nemoyayo was no longer in any pain!

To this Nemoyayo comments: “Now I am no longer in pain, and have no swelling, even the insides of my mouth have no scarring so I am in really good shape”. 

It’s great that Nemoyayo had a speedy recovery, have any of you heard of “Sialolithiasis” before?

Article translated from Modelpress.


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