interview with leading actress Karen

Interview with Karen Anzai

With the drama “M Loveable people” about Ayumi Hamasaki’s life coming out in the next month, modelpress decided to interview the leading actress Karen Anzai.

Karen Anzai was born in Fujisawa city in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1999. 
She debuted last year as a singer/songwriter with the single “I felt all enemies in the world and loved loneliness”. Before that she worked as a clerck in Shibuya’s RELECT by Runway Channel Lab.

The drama “M Loveable People”, is based on a novel by the same name written by Narumi Komatsu. It is about the birth of the diva, Ayumi Hamasaki. With the skript written by Osamu Suzuki.
This will be Anzai’s first time to take on a full-fledged role.

Feelings on portraying Ayu

– Congratulations! What was your feeling when you got the role?
Anzai: I was surprised and honestly though “Am I good enough?”. I have to work my hardest.

-The cast has finally been announced, do you feel the pressure yet?
Anzai: I’m thrilled. But I don’t think it’s good to think too much, and I’ll do my best to do what I can.

-Please tell us your impression of reading the original.

Anzai: I felt determined. I think Ayu is truly amazing.

interview with leading actress Karen

Making a role & Impression of Ayumi Hamasaki

-You haven’t started shooting yet, are you prepared for your role?
Anzai: I haven’t met Ayu yet. I have been watching a lot of videos od her, trying to imagine her feelings. Her staff have also been telling me all kind sof stories, how she used to sing, how she used to be. Before her debut, it seems like she was more graceful than I am. (laughs)

-Is there anything you think is similar to yourself?
Anzai: I haven’t done any comparison, so I do not know. But one point that I guess is the same are the lessons we both underwent before debut. I did feel the hungry spirit of Ayu though. But even if I joined at the same time as some one else I would not think “I do not want to loose to them”, on the contrary I would think “I am myself”.

-Upon reading “M” was there a part that you decided that you needed to do especially well?
Anzai: Reading the novel I was really impressed by Ayu’s ability to clearly express her opinion. I want to learn that myself. I want to be able to confidently express what I think is good. Also, the way she appeals to people is really different, I can’t help but think that everything she does is amazing!

-What was your impression of Shohei Miura who plays Masa?
Anzai: Actually, I Haven’t had the chance to meet him yet. But he has a really kind image. I am really looking forward to acting with him.

I want to know more about Karen Azai! How did you make your debut?

-How did you make your debut?
Anzai: Since I was little, I have been learning to play various instruments. Such as electone orphan and alto saxophone. When I went to a Rolling Stones concert with my dad, I Knew I wanted to be involved in music.
My original plan was to be behind the scene, writing songs and doing instrument instruction. But one day I got the opportunity to sing, and thinking my voice is also and instument, I decided to got to the Avex Academy in Harajuku. From there I started to love singing, and decided to do more of it.

-When did you start attending the lesson?
Anzai: I was in my first year of high school, so it took three years to debut.

-Before you debut, where there things you felt like you had to quit?
Anzai: Often. Until now I have played brass instruments, and have always loved music that matches people and because of that I get lonely when it’s just me…I would think things like  “why am I alone? maybe I’m not good enough”.

-When do the lyrics come to mind?
Anzai: I write lyrics like I am writing a diary. I write down a lot of things, like today’s events, thoughts, and scenes, and then connect good words to the lyrics. So, now it feels like reading an old diary.

-You are working very hard!
Anzai: At first it was hard to make a habit out of writing lyrics. But now it is just like drinking water, so I feel like it has become one of my strengths. I try to write down the emotions that come to my mind, even if it is just one line. When going to bed and I get an idea, I subconsiously start dotting it down.

― What kind of person do you think of yourself as?
Anzai: Maybe someone smiling all of the time? I fool people with my laughter sometimes. (Laughs) I also don’t mind my surroundinsg that much, so I am pretty free. (laughs)
I might hide my feelings a lot with laughter.

-I heard you worked as a shop clerk, while attending lessons before your debut. How was it?
Anzai: Because I was looking at clothes from different brands and genres, I was able to think of various ways to coordinate. I looked at lot of clothes that I normally would not wear, so I think my costumes cater to more of my fans, than they otherwise would have.

-Have you received any comments from fans on SNS?
Anzai: I have, a lot of them! I’m reading everything! When I read comments such as: “I want to see Karen soon”, I think I will have to do my best. I’m happy and encouraged by them.

Music Video from Karen

Style & Secrets of Beautiful Skin, Commitment to Fashion ...

-What do you do to stay fit?
Anzai: I try to eat low-calorie foods. I eat only 30gr fats and 100gr proteins a day, so when I go to the convinience store to buy a rice ball, I write down the fat contents. I do not go to the gym, but I do muscle training with a trainer at the academy once a week.

-Please tell us about your beauty.

Anzai: I always do basic things such as cleaning off my makeup before sleeping. Also, because I try to keep my fat contents to 30gr a day, I take vitamin c supplements, as I get dyhydrated more easily.

-Are you particular about fashion?
Anzai: I don’t really care about brands. For example, if I walk around town and find something cute, I buy it. I wear a lot of casual styles, but I wear clothes of various genres.

-How do you do your makeup?
Anzai: I like using eyeshadow and adding glitter and curling my eylashes. I only do a think layer of foundation on my skin. I love makeup and own many highlights.

-How do you spend your days off?
Anzai: I like being at home, watching movies, playing with my dog. I have also been watching a lot of Japanese movies to prepare for my drama.

Future goals and secrets to fulfill her dreams

-Please tell us your future goals.
Anzai: First, do my best in the drama. But no matter how the environment changes, I want to stay the same. My main interest is music, but I think that acting will also be useful in music activities, so I want to do both.

-Do you have anyone you admire?
Anzai: Selena Gomez. I like her face most in the world. I wish I could wake up in the morning and be Selena (laughs)

-Finally, for our model press readers who are chasing their dreams, please tell us the secrets to fulfilling your dreams.
Anzai: Put it into words. I think that it will come true if you say what you want to do and who you want to become, while thinking “Its easy”. When I was working as a MAC model, I had always liked “MAC” and kept saying it would be good if I could model for them. So I think it’s important to put it into words.

– Thank you very much.


interview with leading actress Karen



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