Gyaru mom seina on pregnancy

Gyaru Mom Seina on Pregnancy, Childbirth and Modeling

The legendary gal magazine EGG, which was reissued in May last year after its suspension in 2014, added two new models – Seina and Aimerohime. Seina is an 17-year-old active high school student with a 6-month-old child. She had no model experience when she joined the magazine and revealed to us why she decided to join EGG, what she wanted to relay as a mama model, and what she has in her heart.

She became pregnant in her second year of high school and gave birth to her first child in March of last year. While working hard on both childcare and studying, she began this model experience from almost zero experience. From the autumn issue on, she entered EGG as an exclusive model.

Gyaru mom seina on pregnancy

What can I do for other young moms?

-You went to school, while having a child, not to mention that you are a model. I think there are many difficult aspects to this, but what made you decide to become an EGG model?

Seina: I was originally interested in the performing arts, but I just couldn’t do it. Then six months ago I gave birth, and in that half a year, my whole being has changed.  Not my appearance but my inner self. As a mom, I felt like the high school student in myself had gone somewhere. I didn’t like that as I can only be one now. I wanted to do what I wanted to do, and at that time I got scouted by EGG.

-Your childbirth gave you the chance to face your dreams.

Seina: Yes, that is so. After all, I did not think I would become a mom in high school. But I guess there are things that can be conveyed because of me. I do not support being a young mom, but I hope I can do something for them.

Can you forgive me, mom?

-You now live at home with your parents, husband and child?

Seina: Yes. I am raising my child with the help of my mother.

-Is your family support great?

Seina: Yes. When I knew I was pregnant, my husband and I went to tell my family. When I wasn’t menstruating, my mother would always ask me if I was OK, and would worry about me. So I was worried she would not forgive me. That is why my heart was pounding when I told her. But she said “Congratulations” and cheered me on. Later when talking to my mom, I found out that she could hardly sleep worrying about me. That is how kind my mom is.
There are times when I can’t sleep because I cry at night, and sometimes I don’t know what to do, but I also think I have to do my best as a mother.

-How was your childbirth?

Seina: Immediately after giving birth, I was filled with a sense of achievement and became very emotional. I was in a situation where I couldn’t see anything at all due to 33 hours of labor. That’s why the moment my baby was born – I finally reached the goal. I felt so much happiness.

-Perhaps you’ve overcome a difficult birth, but cuteness is also special?

Sena: Yes! It’s hard every day, but the moment when a child grows up really stings (laughs).

"I want to wear the clothes that I like!" ...Losing 20kg after birth

Gyaru mom seina on pregnancy
Gyaru mom seina on pregnancy

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-Did you change your fashion after pregnancy and childbirth?

Seina: I’m glad that my stomach is back to normal now. When I was pregnant, clothes that show skin were very popular and I could not wear them. I gained about 20kg because of my pregnancy, so I tried my best and with diet I got back to my normal size in about a month.

-20 kg in one month?

Seina: My mom worried about me, but I restricted my diet. I also went to pelvic correction because the pelvis area got bigger, then I walked and ran.

-Diet while raising children. Wasn’t it really difficult?

Seina: But it’s more stressful to be fat and not able to wear your favorite clothes, so it’s easier to cut down food a tiny bit. If you lose weight slowly, it will not rebound. I’m finally wearing the clothes I want to wear now!

-When did you start doing gal fashion and makeup?

Seina: Originally I was learning to dance and it was a fancy style. So from when I was in elementary school, it was all the leopard prints and highlighted hair. I’m getting calmer, but I’ve always been a gal.

-Did you have any gals that you look up to?

Seina: I don’t have a specific person, but I looked up to the gals on TV and in magazines. I don’t know much about EGG in the old magazine days, but I’ve been watching YouTube since the web version started. When thinking of cute gals, I think of EGG.

Through EGG, I want to change the opinion of gal moms

-How did your first shoot as a model with EGG go?

Seina:  I was nervous because I was with my seniors. My first job was a YouTube shoot, where we put nose hooks in our noses. “So this is the first shot …” I thought (laughs). It was so painful that I was stiff from shock (laughs).

-You mentioned earlier that you want to send out messages to young moms. What do you want to try to say through EGG?

Seina: One dream is to produce cute clothes that even pregnant women can wear. I could not find anything good when I was looking for maternity clothes during my pregnancy, and I didn’t feel fashionable! I was sad (laughs). Also, I was told that my nails had to be really short, but when I tried sculpting, the nails were actually thinner, so they were more susceptible to damage. That’s right. From an objective point of view, you might think, “Why do you have such long nails when you have a child?” but it doesn’t need to be like that, and I want to be fashionable for moms.

Many people think gals are too flashy or sloppy just by their appearance. But that’s not the type of person they are on the inside and everyone is actually pretty nice (laughs). I hope people’s view of gals will change even more through magazines and YouTube.

Your secret to fullfilling dreams?

Seina: Act immediately. I believe it is important to believe in yourself and to take action.

– Thank you very much.

(Modelpress editorial department, Translation and modification by Emi. Pictures copyrighted by modelpress)

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  2. She’s so adorable, it’s great to get a better insight into her life! <3

  3. Wow this was so inspiring! I hope to be a fashionable mom whenever I have kids 🥺

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