Gyaru in Isolation – The Survival Guide

Yikes, quarantine. I never would’ve thought I’d want to actually escape from my house until I had to be stuck here for a few weeks. It’s hard, really hard, to find entertainment as there’s only so much Netflix you can watch… Especially when it means that I can no longer see my gals! So here’s my little gyaru survival guide during quarantine.

Do your nails!

Experiment with different nail art deco and lengths and show them off over insta/fb/etc! Or you can help support other small businesses – I absolutely love Lhouraii’s nails – by ordering some custom nails from them.

Practise Manba

Where better to practise Manba and extreme Ganguro makeup than at home? Put on your tackiest outfit and rock that style! One of Papillon’s staff, Kelsey, has shared an amazing Yamanba tutorial on her channel recently that you could try out. Why not go even more old-school and take polaroids of your Manba look?

Clean out your makeup

Now is the perfect time to give all of those makeup brushes a wash and figure out which palettes to keep and which to chuck. Not only will it help clear out some space but it’ll be better for your skin, too!

Sign up for TikTok

I might be a bit biased because I am OBSESSED with this app, but honestly it’s the best way to keep entertained during quarantine. I spent hours just flicking through and watching these videos until I finally bit the bullet and started creating them. The best thing is that you don’t have to have a super pretty backdrop or the best outfit; you just do you, boo!

Sort through your wardrobe

You never know what you might find at the bottom of the wardrobe – whether it’s an old MA*RS top you thought you had lost or an unopened pack of lashes, it’s good to go through and clear out whatever you don’t need anymore. There might even be something you had long forgotten about and you create some super cute outfits, which you could then submit to our Outfits from YOU post!. Sell any unwanted items through the Gyaru Sales pages on Facebook, eBay, or Depop. Make that money!

Learn Japanese

I mean, we gotta’ be able to read those EGG magazines, right? Now is the perfect time to learn Japanese (or any language, really!). There’s a bunch of videos on YouTube and resources online to help you such as Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese and Japanese Class. No matter what language you are learning, a fun way to sound more like gyaru is to use slang! So learn the most popular ones HERE!

Start practising parapara

Exercising at home, the gyaru way! “Night of Fire” by the Hinoi Team is a classic parapara routine, and a great starting point for newbies. One of our models, Chris, has shared a lot of parapara videos like this one! 

Brush up on your gyaru knowledge

Heather put together a whole series for beginners a few years ago, and even to this day it is still a classic! You can watch the series here on her channel.

After that – why not check out our past issues, Vol.1 (Desktop/Phone) and our Valentine’s Day lookbook (Desktop/Phone), to see what’s currently happening in the gyaru world?

Hello Lizzie Bee

And there we have it! What do you do during quarantine?

Lizzie, from Hello Lizzie Bee, blogs about all things gyaru - sharing advice, inspirational posts and tutorials to help you on your gyaru journey!

Pics from Pink Berry and Emi. Hello Lizzie Bee.


  1. Great article! I’ve been lazy with making TikTok videos recently but gotta get back in gear as it’s a lot of fun!!

  2. I love the parapara as exercise idea!

  3. I must admit I decided to give TikTok a try because of the quarantine and I’m obsessed now. I think I’ll start making some videos too. 😂

  4. I’ve been meaning to make a video about my Korean 10 step inspired skincare routine (especially as I’ve got some fantastic before and after pics – going from covered in breakouts, to maybe one spot a fortnight) and maybe a tutorial of my all-day-lasting base makeup for oily/combination skin. Thing is… I’ve never made videos of myself before, I feel a bit silly/vain doing it, but, It’s at least sonething to do I suppose!

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