Gyaransu Stall at Japan Touch

Gyaransu x Japan Touch Fashion Show

A few weeks back we shared with you about Gyaransu’s event at Japan Touch. Now we’re back to show you a bit of the fun they had there as well as the fashion show!

Gyaransu collaborated with Japan Runway and Tokyo Street Style for two days, but they sell cosmetics and other items from Japan. At their booth they introduce people to Gyaru magazines, makeup, parapara and even did customers’ nails!

While doing people’s nails and makeup they introduced them to Papillon and how many gyaru there are in the world to which they were very surprised and happy to hear about!

On Sunday they did a fashion show in which afterwards they explained about Japanese fashion to the audience. Everyone looked amazing so we decided to ask Noemie a few questions about the whole process!

Interview with Noemie - Leader of Gyaransu

We know you have done these kind of events before – how many times has it been now?

We have participated since 2017, so 5 times now.

Preparation must be a lot of work, what was the most challenging?

The most challenging aspect was to collaborate with Japanese Brands as they do not speak French nor English. Fortunately the team of Japan Runway (Aline) helped us immensely with communications!
I was super stressed about receiving the items as well for the fashion show and everyday I was thinking of different options in case anything went wrong… luckily they all arrived one week before Japan Touch!

You’ve managed to work with so many brands for the fashion show, how did you manage to make that happen?

I organized this with Japan Runway and Tokyo Street Style.
They already have connections with Japanese Brands from Shibuya 109 as well as others that I can’t say for now, it’s something you’ll have to look forward to in the future!! It’s really amazing so I am excited!

However, I personally contacted Baby Shoop about it and together we united to create a big fashion show for Japan Touch! It was so good to create new friendships with others that share the love of Japanese fashion and… we have a lot more coming!!!

Gyaransu at Japan Touch holding a Babyshoop brand banner
Gyaransu group pose on stage at the Japan Touch Fashion Show
How did the event go? Do you feel successful in introducing gyaru to new people?

The event was very good! Every year we evolve and do better than the one before. We do our best to bring in new brands for Japan Touch and after the fashion show we explained why we are gal, why we put these clothes together as well as why it’s important for us. I really felt like the public was touched by our words and we asked them to not care about what others think, but to be who they are and do what they like. In other words “gyaru isn’t just for one body type, it’s for everyone, so let’s try it!”
I remember many customers that came to our shop and asked various questions about gyaru wanting to try it.

I was so happy and relieved that our message could touch the hearts of people and help them feel confident in themselves and give them courage to try gyaru too!!!

Do you think we’ll see some new French gyaru popping up in the comm now after visiting your booth?

I really do think French girls want to join the community, but they are shy. Many girls were interested so I told them about the community and how big it is, they were rather surprised but said they wanted to join and will practice their makeup!!! I gave them advice on makeup as well as I showed them makeup tutorials on Youtube, some of them were even made by Papillon gals!!!

Do you have any plans to do more events like these?

Sure!!! Japan Runway and Tokyo Street Style were very happy with our collaboration so we will continue to do so with them, we might do more events with them too!! So wait a few months~

Puya Japan Touch Fashion Show Outfit

It was a pleasure to get this insight into the event from Noemie and we hope you all enjoyed hearing about it as well! Hopefully we can cover more of these kinds of events in the future so that us that can’t join can at least get a second-hand feel of how it was!!

Check them out here!

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  1. Everyone looked so great 😍❤💕 Constantly in awe of how much Gyaransu does to spread gal fashion 💖 So excited to see their future endeavors and what they accomplish in 2020! 😍😍😍

  2. Author

    Looking forward to seeing more from Gyaransu!!!

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