Galentine's Look Book

Galentine’s Look Book – Thank You!

Our second look book; Galentine’s Look Book is finally out for your viewing pleasure!
We have been receiving so much love for it and are all so grateful for all the support as always!

This time around we had a collaboration with Gyaru Valentine’s as well as we “revived” EGGs Animal Talk! We got some great Valentine’s and you are all bound to laugh your ass off with some of the stories we got sent in!!

Galentine's Look Book

New Look!

As you might’ve seen; all our socials have now been revamped to our Galentine’s logo and it looks gorgeous with the little diamonds in it!

We plan to change it up around every issue; look book or main, so please look forward to it!
Now, on the topic of our releases; we have noticed that people have been confused with our release plan so I would like to quickly explain how we will be publishing Papillon.
We plan to release 2 main volumes around May and October along with 2 look books in between those releases. Main volumes will be Volume 1, Volume 2, etc., but look books will be counted separately!
Hope that is understandable and that you will all be looking forward to Volume 2 (that is already in the works!).

Galentine's Look Book

I’ve mentioned this quite a few times already, but Lala made some Galentine’s backgrounds as well so please use them, take a screenshot and tag us on socials! Use the hashtag #papillongals as well!!!

Galentine's Look Book
Galentine's Look Book

In other fun news; Tokyo Street Style wrote an article about Papillon on their homepage so please take a look! It’s really great that we are getting featured on other platforms, we’re all so happy to see the interest build up as we produce new content for you!

Please leave your comments on the Galentine’s down below and follow us on other socials to stay up to date!!



  1. The Look Book is so gorgeous and I love the phone backgrounds!!!

  2. I’m never disappointed by Papillon 🦋 thank you for all your hard work gals !! ❤️ it’s very wonderful

  3. Sooooo many great looks in this lookbook!! This Galentine’s Special felt a lot like a full Volume just because of the amount of content we got. And the addition of animal talk was perfect! It was a cool throwback to EGG magazine~ Can’t wait to read more crazy stories 😂!

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