gal sense of the Nagoya

Ka-tan – Cover Girl Interview

-What inspired you to try Manba?
In autumn I turn 20, so I am slowly climbing up the stairs to adulthood, and felt like I had to finally decide what to do!
I went for a photoshoot in Nagoya, and the gal sense of the Nagoya gals was quite strong, I felt weak in comparison. It got me all fired up!
Up until then I did not really care if I stood out, but from then I started learning more about Manba!
Thanks to all the gals in Nagoya I got really serious!

-What is good about being manba?
hmmm…Not being hit on! Foreigners taking pictures of me. Men don’t try to pay me for sex nor do I get harassed on the train.
Are these good things? Because I have a loving boyfriend and do not need these kind of things; In other words, I feel like I am protecting myself.
That’s right! When I am in the train, no one will sit next to me! YOU can sit gracefully (laughs). Easy peasy!
But there are also bad things. Just walking around town you will see a lot of weird things moving around. One time I even saw a crab! (laughs)
Ah! Earlier I was at Kentucky and saw an older man who was holding a child. The child saw me and immediately started crying!
I became self aware that while I don’t think I stand out, the clothes I wear get stared at. But “please look at me normally!” Is what I want. Even manba’s are still human.

gal sense of the Nagoya

Relationship and free time

It seems that this is…contrary to manba (laughs). He is a relatively normal person. That is why in front of my boyfriend I do not do manba makeup and hide my hair under my coat, pretending to be a normal woman. It seems he wants me to be conservative or dress like celebrities. I did try to tone down for him, I just did not like it.
But then no matter what he says, I like him because he accepts me for who I am. Isn’t it great when there is love?!

-What do you do with your time?
I am happy when I am writing my “wish list”. Writing everything I want in my big notebook from Muji, like a dress from Tiara, Alba mini skirt and Chanel cosmetics, and then after buying them, I get the greatest feeling when I mark the item as bought!
I am the type of a person that I can not live if I do not have time for myself, so I would never give this time away!

-What do you think of people who do not do manba?
Why~?! Why won’t you do it? It is only embarrassing in the beginning. You will only live once. Are you OK with ending your life as a normal person? I think for young people manba is the ultimate thing to do. So everyone do it! When everyone is manba let’s do fun things! (laughs)
Also, you have to be fashionable to be manba. Your boots must be from Alba, you can not be a cheapskate and manba at the same time.

-What does the future hold for you?
My birthday is in October, I will continue doing manba until then. From there I will slowly stop doing it. Next year is my coming of age ceremony and I intend on keeping my spot as number 1 manba!

gal sense of the Nagoya

(Text by Megumi Waguri from Manba special magazine, 2004, by egg. Scans provided by Becy Shelly. Translation and modification by Emi)

Signature Chibi Emi


  1. I loved reading this interview! Even if I don’t agree with the cheapskate opinion, Ka-Tan seems like a fun person!! So much gyaru energy~~

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