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Gal Mom Seina -Showed only the good parts

Seina updated her own YouTube channel on the 6th of March, talking with her mother and looking back on how it was to discover her pregnancy, and how it was as a teenager/child herself to go through with it.

The story of how I became a mother in High School

Meeting her husband

She started by recalling that she was in the same junior high school as her now husband, saying; “He was two years above me, and I really liked him and looked up to him.”

The love was unrequited. But two years later they decided to meet up at a Tanabata Festival (Star Festival). “Originally we connected through Twitter and from there he started to contact me through DM.” She was approched by him and was happy when her cool senior confessed to her.

After they started dating they would meet up after school, and as often as five times a week he woul stay over at her place.

Showed only The good parts

She recalled how the time when her daughter was 3-4 months old, how difficult that time was for her. She felt like she could not do anything. “It can’t be helped, this was my decision.” She commented on her hardships

“Around that time, my mother made a TikTok of me. It gained some attention and a lot of talent agencies contacted me, and I made my debut.”

Her mother then says that if Seina did not have her child then she would not have entered the entertainment world. To which Seina agreed and added that she wanted to change her situation at the time and wanted to change.

She shares that her life has become child-centered after giving birth, and that after birth she spent many nights crying and hardly got any sleep. Confessing that having a child as a high school student, while also being a model, was difficult for her. And while it was difficult, she showed only the good parts of her life.

Seina receives a lot of help from her mother in raising her daughter, and shares how hard it still is. Adding how she admires single mothers that have to do this all alone.

She ends the video by saying that she has no regrets about having her baby and that she could not be any happier.

(Modelpress editorial department. Translated and Modified by Emi)

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