Gal Mama Starts YouTube

Gal Mama Seina starts YouTube

On the 2nd of March gal mama Seina announced through her twitter that she is starting a YouTube channel. Aside from being a model and a full time high school student, she appears in the magazine egg and their YouTube channel, Egg channel. Now she has added one more job description on her list, and that is her own YouTube channel!
Gal mama starts YouTube

Introduction Video

Seina's Message

Regarding the future of her channel she said: “From spring of this year, I want to step up as a model. And along with Lala, I want to teach Reiwa’s gal mama’s how to take care of children, do fashion, makeup and nails. Showing on my YouTube that gal mama’s can also be cute and have fun.

Her channel has already garnered great response and has over 7000 subscribers.
We don’t have many prominent gal mamas, do you know any? What about gal mamas on YouTube?
Gal Mama Starts YouTube

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