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We recently talked about Gyaru in pop culture and a very prominent representation of gyaru in pop culture has been “My Roomie is a Dino” (or Gal and Dino if translated from Japanese). Many of us love the manga and drama adaptation and we were inspired by it to give you a bit of a glimpse into our models’ life and tell you about them and their gorgeous little family members!


Her name is Honey because when she was a baby that was her color. Now her hair changed and it’s ivory lol.  Honey is super jealous and spoiled! She always looks for us to caress her and she doesn’t like when someone else comes. Honey always wants to be the center of attention. When it comes to food Honey loves meat and soups. Sometimes my mom cooks special soups with chicken for her.
She’s the one who is always cuddling next to me when I’m super stressed at work. 

Te quiero, Honey! ❤


My cats areMina & Misha! They are purebred cats which is why they already had these names on their birth certificate. We usually call them by their nicknames „Minchen“ and „Mishabear“ though, haha!
Mina is a Diva, she doesn’t let you touch her without her permission and demands Snacks and cuddles whenever she pleases. She is also a very good hunter! Misha is more like a little cuddly bear; he has a soft, sweet personality and is a bit derpy.

Both of them love cooked Chicken!! They demand it everyday at the same time in the afternoon, haha!
The cats like to chase things I hide under a carpet. They also do small tricks and clicker Training. In the evening they like to watch birds on the TV if it’s Winter. If it’s Summer we mostly Play in our garden together.

Mina, Misha, ich hab euch lieb! In singular that would be: Mina, ich hab dich lieb! And: Misha, ich hab dich lieb!


We are Kohi and Andouille.  I named him after Andouille sausage since…he looks like those sausages. But my French friends have told me it also means “dumb/air head” so I feel like the name is even more perfect! 
I’d say he is extremely adventurous and brave for the type of lizard he is. Lizards usually love to burrow but he’s always trying to climb everything. Even things he physically cannot climb! It’s fun to watch him do the “lizard math” in his head before he tries it. 
Andouille loves eggs! Especially raw (he can even eat the shell!!) And also loves broccoli!! I usually give him a little obstacle course to climb through on my my other chair nearby and he will just sit and watch me clean or do my makeup. It’s pretty cute and I think he likes it more than his enclosure (even though I spoil him)! <3

I love you, Andouille! He says it back by pooping in his water dish 🥲


My cats are named Roxy and Kitty. I always thought Roxanne is a beautiful name, so I called my little baby Roxy. Kitty is my mums cat. She named her Kitty because she thought it sounds cute! 
Roxy is clingy, lazy and loves to eat. But she is the kindest soul on this planet! ♥ Kitty is the opposite! She’s independent, playful and sometimes mean. But she can be cute too! 
Roxy loves any meat and Kitty prefers chicken and fish! 
Roxy and I love to cuddle with each other and every night she’s excited to go to bed with me so she can sleep with me under the blanket! She is so cute! ♥♥♥
Then Kitty and I love to play! She enjoys running around and playing with toys! 

Ich liebe euch, Roxy und Kitty!


This is me and Peelzebub aka Bubba.
Bubba manages to balance on the tip of looking both royal and like a depressed sock depending on his posture. He’s a naggy, strong willed furball weighing 7kg and he loves to stand on my titty with that full weight at 5am to get my attention for cuddles. He will scold you if you sneeze in his presence and the best food he knows is weirdly dry pellets. We keep a gps on him because he refuses to come home at night and despite 2 layers of fur he will freeze to death so we use the gps to basically find and nag him until he finally decides to yield and come home.

Then this is my first cat Lucipus.

Lucipus is a very very very lazy cat, he isn’t even playful. He doesn’t meow, he chirps so I usually call him my little dove too. He has an extensive vocabulary and is too smart for our own good. We can not say certain food related words or even the f word near him cuz he will spring up from his slumber and start nagging. Then he will place himself in direct eye contact with you until you give in to his demands. Since he’s so confident and calm he’s everyone’s favorite cat, everyone loves him and we use him for therapy for both people and other insecure cats.

We named him lucipus/lucipurr because it sounded cute but mischievous and then we got bubba and had to keep the theme going so he’s a pun on Buelzebub (peelze) sounds similar to the norwegian word for fur too and he’s a norwegian forest cat mix so that was fitting as well. Then we finally got Lily from being a foster home for the animal shelter in our district and we called her Lilith. This is Lilith.
She’s a rambunctious tiny kitten who loves head kisses so much she’ll climb up to my shoulders to get it. She loves cuddles as much as she loves to bully. She’ll bully Lucipus into giving her his sleeping spaces and since he’s a male cat he’ll yield, making her think she rules this place and turning the entire hierarchy upside down.
Lucipus favorite food is wetfood or raw meat.
Bubbas favorite food is dry food. Lily’s favorite food is whatever I’m trying to eat so she can hit it out of my hands before it gets to touch my lips because she wakes up every day and chooses violence.
Both lucipus and lily love to sit in my lap or in lily’s case on my throat almost, and watch me play ffxiv, they love to just be near me at any time. Bubba likes to nag and hide inside my blanket/hoodie for snuggles.


Jeg elsker deg Lucipus,lily og Bubba❤


We’re Noémie and Dyna, she’s the cat of my family. A friend of my brother found her in front of his house when she was a little baby. And she didn’t have a family so he asked my brother if we wanted one and my parents said ok! Dyna was very excited and moving all time, jumping everywhere so my brother called her: Dyna (like dynamite ).
She always acts like a princess; she wants us to open the door for her to go outside, she speaks to us all time when we cook and when my mother or me are busy or taking care of our fish and cleaning the aquarium Dyna will get jealous and jump on us hahaha
When someone throws something at her she jumps in the air but it’s up to you to go and get the toy lol then when she comes back from outside and it’s raining you have to wipe it off with a towel otherwise she is not happy.
Dyna loves what we call in French « des croquettes » salmon taste.
I love hiding behind a wall and staring at it and then hiding again. She gets angry and then walks slowly and runs after me when I put my head up lol

Je t’aime Dyna


My cats name is Tallulah ! – It means “bouncing water” in Amerindian. We were looking for a name for a goddess, then when we couldn’t find one, we went on to look for the names of spirits and sirens, and this one was left to you as a matter of course. Especially since the first days we had her she was really jumping around. (Laughing) she never really stopped…  Tallulah is a lively and independent lady. She demands a lot of attention, she is very playful and talkative. Tallulah likes to do silly things, but most of the time just to get herself noticed. She is my little princess.
Her favourite food is kibbles! However she will always come for some yoghurt when we’re eating it.
We like to cuddle, play and sleep ! Perfect planning 👌 

Je t’aime Tallulah 💞


My name is Allie, friends call me Kitt. My ferret’s name is Ludwig. My husband is German and likes German pet names. Fun fact; we chose the name “Ludwig” after Ludwig the 2nd of Bavaria who grew up at the Neuschwanstein castle which was one of Walt Disney’s inspirations for creating the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disney Land! 
Ferrets sleep nearly 20 hours a day, but he is so energetic at night time when he comes out to play.
Ferrets are Carnivores, he has chicken treats.
We love snuggling on the couch in the morning as I drink my morning chai tea. Ludwig always tries to sip the soy milk from my cup for some reason, even though it is not good for him! He is a naughty boy!
Funny fact: Ludwig is almost 4 years old but when we adopted him from RSPCA a couple years ago. They said he was found wondering outside in a family’s garden. What a cheeky little guy!! When they found him he was missing a tooth, so not sure if he may have gotten into a fight with either a possum or maybe even feral cat? We can’t say for certain!! But he’s most definitely a little escape artist, and has been microchipped just in case he ever slips out again. I always say dream and wonder where he came from and wonder how long he was roaming on the streets for?

Ich liebe dich Ludwig


I’m Lea and my dog is Noa, I adopted him when I lived in Japan so he was already 8 years old. I think his name is super cute and fitting for him!
Noa is a pretty chill dog, he loves to cuddle and will usually sleep close to my legs, often under the duvet if it’s cold. Noa doesn’t like being alone, so even when eating he’ll often lie in my lap. He loves to be held and the most relaxing thing for him is to be put in his dog bag so I would sometimes carry him in it around the house (he’s HEAVY though hahaha).
He goes crazy for beef and lamb, but for dog treats there’s these tiny lamb ones that he really goes crazy for too!

I love cuddling with Noa, but when I lived in Japan I loved taking him on the train so that we could go to different places together. He was always a hit on there and scored me a seat a few times hahaha

(Bonus pic of Torasaburo, a stray that I wish I could’ve adopted, but took care of all last summer)

Ég elska þig Noa!<3


My name is Bebe, and my pets name is Sassy! She only responded to that name at first, so it stuck haha
She’s a sweetheart! She’s really tiny but VERY bossy and sneaky! 
Her favorite food is chicken Nuggets and puppy-chinos from Starbucks .
Our favorite thing to do together is taking drives around the city! (She loves the attention)

I love you Sassy

So many wonderful gals and pets!! We really loved being able to give you some insight into our models lives…. what more would you like to learn about our models?



  1. Wonderful article ♡ I love animals, and seeing other gyraru/o with their pets was a great thing to see and read.
    My beloved cat sadly passed away recently, so this has a special place in my heart ;_;

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