Former mens egg model

Former Model Kazucheru, Where is he now?

Our “Gyaru News” section has been quite overflown with just gyaru, but what about our counterpart, gyaruo? There aren’t as many gyaruo models out there as compared to gyaru, so we decided to take a sneak-peak at this super popular former mens eggs model, Kazucheru, and see what he’s up to now!

Who's Kazucheru?

Name: Ota Kazuki
Birthday: June 25th, 1989
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Osaka

Former Mens egg model as well as a designer for the brand FANG, Kazucheru was a very popular Gyaru-o. He opened his own bar, O’bar Shibuya, in 2014, and has since opened another one in Roppongi!

Ex-boyfriend of the popular Yunkoro! 

Kazucheru’s style has somewhat changed by now, he looks much like most hosts you would see prancing around in Kabukicho, but other than that he looks pretty much like what he did as an egg model lol

He started a YouTube channel last year, but it seems like COVID put a (temporary?) stop to any videos on there as there hasn’t been a new video for 8 months. COVID lockdowns are coming down hard on nightlife in Japan and it seems like his bars have been quite affected as he did a crowdfund to try and fund some money for rent and other costs.

Other than that it seems our former gyaru-o spends his time playing video games (i.e. falling in love with Tifa) and watching anime these days while we try to get past lockdowns.

Hope you enjoyed this tiny post! Would anyone be interested in learning what other formerly popular models are up to these days?

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  1. I love hearing about past models! Its always interesting to see what people have been up to/how they’ve evolved.

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