Koakuma Ageha model Sakura

NUTS Model Sakura – Brand Director

Influencer, current NUTS model and former Koakuma Ageha model, Sakura Sekiguchi, has been appointed as the brand director for the online brand “Rumor.s“.
The brand will make its debut on the 26th of March and will be targeted at girls in their teens and early twenties. As an instagrammer, she has adopted a design that is conscious of the splendor of many styles.

The brand is owned by the same company as “CECIL MCBEE”, but they are re-branding into a more mature, girly taste while still featuring some flashy colors like the brand once used to do.

This is the company’s second online brand following the brand “CACHEC”, directed by influencer Asami Nakamura. That brand made 35 million yen in September 2007 when it launched, and has remained successful.

(Written by Ryosuke Motohashi on WWD. Translated and modified by Emi)

Koakuma Ageha model Sakura
Koakuma Ageha model Sakura

Brand concept & message from Sakura

This time I, Sakura Sekiguchi, have decided to launch the brand “Rumor’s”. I have had this dream since I was a child. And even then, I would tell people that I would become a brand owner and a model. That dream has finally come true!

“Rumor.s” are “rumors”
One side where the core is strong and cool.
One side that is straight and obedient.
I want to express myself as it is.
Wanting to be so attractive that everyone adores and spreads rumors about me.

I wanted to be myself and live honestly.

After getting this opportunity last summer, I started going to my company every day and had meetings with the manufacturer. The experience was so thrilling that my heart wouldn’t stop fluttering.

Up until now, I have only been able to do entertainment work and never any part-time jobs. So I had to get used to working at a desk and communication with adults. There were so many things that the 19-year-old me did not know, I cried a lot at home after work.

I was anxious as I was doing so many things for the first time, I sometimes became frustrated at my inexperienced self. Even now, I still have a long road ahead.

But thanks to everyone who supported me and cheered me on, I am here.

Getting all the messages from you all was so encouraging. Thank you very much. Everyone’s presence is so important to me.

Even though I am immature as a model and have no apparel experience, I’m looking forward to seeing the clothes I worked so hard to make with love. 

Even though I have a lot of worries, but I will look straight ahead and work hard.
I hope this can become a brand that we build together. 

Thank you for everything.

Signature Chibi Emi

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