14 year old Marisa

EGGs New Young Model

On the 9th of February, the results of the “4th EGG Exclusive Model Audition” were announced.
The winner was the 14-year-old Marisa Asai from Hyogo. In addition, 18-year-old Airi Maekawa, also from Hyogo, was selected from scouting. Thus two new EGG models were born.

EGG's New Young Model, Marisa

Marisa, who won the grand prix, is a second grader in junior high school (14 years old). But even so, she is a gal with outstanding model sense. Her looks were superb in the auditions, and her passion for EGG was greater than anyone else’s.

“I was selected as a grand prix winner and became the youngest exclusive model of EGG. Due to my age I did not think that I could get picked, even if I got first place on LINE LIVE. So when I won I became overwhelmed with happiness and tears started running down my face.
Junior high school students can’t dye their hair or have piercings, because they have to be serious students on weekdays, but I want them to be a “weekend gal “. Someone that turns into a gal on weekends.”

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The other model that passed, AiRi, caught the editor’s eyes and took the position of the new exclusive model from the scout category. She said:
“I did not think that I would be chosen as I was ranked 4th on LINE LIVE. Thankfully, I’ve had such a wonderful opportunity and I want to make my dream come true.”


The two new models will be making their debut in the third issue of EGG, which will be released on March 2, and appear on the daily updated Egg Channel on YouTube .

Marisa’s winning caused quite the stir due to people thinking her not to be gal enough, but personally I’d like to believe that she has potential and like mentioned above, she is only 14. She’s still really young so instead of tearing her down, let’s root for her and hope we have a great gal in the making.

(Modelpress editorial department, with translating and editing made by Emi)

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  1. Ok, this explains a lot. At least I wasn’t given any context other than “the new EGG model doesn’t look Gyaru”. I can’t wait to see what her transformation will look like when she’s no longer in middle school with crappy rules.

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