Egg's new model airi

EGG’s New Model AiRi – Dreaming Big

Elected in the fourth exclusive model audition to be a new model for EGG, alongside Marisa, was the 18-year-old AiRi (Maekawa Airi) from Hyogo. She was elected from the scout category. ModelPress interviewed her and got to know her, who she toured with as a dancer and talked about her desire to balance being a dancer and a model.

Egg's new model airi
Egg's new model airi

Airi: EGG's New Model x Dancer

-Congratulations on joining as the new exclusive model. Please tell us how you are feeling.

AiRi: I usually work as a dancer. My hometown is so small, that it’s difficult to make it. So this time I did my best at the LINE LIVE. After getting 4th place in the voting, I did not think that I would get chosen as an exclusive model, but I am so thankful to have gotten this chance. From now on, I will work hard to make my dream come true.

-What was the reason you auditioned to become an EGG exclusive model?

AiRi: I like Tsuyome gals, and I’ve been following Pito’s (Hitomi Komura) Instagram for a long time and thought, “I want to be like Pito.”. There was an audition last summer that I could not participate in, so I decided to do it this time. This was my first time doing a LINE LIVE and I had a lot of anxiety about it, but I had great support from my friends and family who pushed me to do my best.

-Since when did you like strong gals?

AiRi: Both “Neat” (more toned down makeup and clothes) and “Tsuyome gals” have had their moment of popularity. I like Tsuyome gal and I get excited when dressed as Tsuyome gal.

-What kind of activities do you want to do as a exclusive model?

AiRi: Until now, as a dancer, I’ve been around dome tours and really only danced. I just heard that I could become a new exclusive model and I couldn’t think of anything yet (laughs).

Dream of dancing on a big stage

― By the way, who did you dance for?

AiRi: Third generation J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE.

-Awesome! Why did you start dancing in the first place?

AiRi: When I was an elementary school student, I was dancing Yosakoi one day when watching TV, I saw Okazile (a collaboration project between Takashi Okamura and EXILE) and thought “I want to be like these people dancing on a big stage”. So I started dancing.

-Your dream as a dancer has come true! Will you work as a dancer x model in the future?

AiRi: I will do my best to be able to do both.

Quick Questions

– What is your favorite food?

AiRi: Fish.

-What food do you hate?

AiRi: Natto. (Fermented beans)

-What are your special skills?

AiRi: Dance.

– Hobby?

AiRi: Finding cute children on Instagram. 

-What did you do before the audition?

AiRi: Muscle training. I wanted to build muscle, so I did more than usual and sweated more.

-What is your weakness?

AiRi: Having an adult facial expression.

-Who do you look up to?

AiRi: Pito-chan.

Egg's new model airi

The secret to fulfilling dreams

-Lastly, what are the secrets to fulfilling your dreams?

AiRi: To face your dreams and run towards them. There are no shortcuts when it comes to achieving your dreams, only mountains and valleys. No matter what others say, run!

Even though I got 4th place at the LINE LIVE, I thought “I will become even more beautiful and come back!”. I think it is important to not change your beliefs even if you think you have lost.

(ModelPress Editorial Department, pics from ModelPress. TRanslation and modification by Emi)

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