DaTura's successor; BELINDA

Introducing DaTuRa’s Successor; BELINDA

Many gals knew and loved the Ane Agejo brand, DaTuRa, produced by Reina Komatsu (instagram/ameblo) and were saddened by its closing. 

DaTuRa opened its first store in August of 2009 in Shinsaibashi Opa. A second store in Saitama,  Omiya OPA, was already planned for opening the next month after. By the beginning of 2011, she had opened DaTuRa in 6 locations.

My favorite period of DaTuRa was from around 2014-16, when you would regularly see Sakurina, Kanae and Sayaka model for the brand. That was also the period where the brand was seemingly the most successful in the Gaijin community.


Around the middle of December, I saw on Reina’s instagram that she was producing another brand. I immediately contacted her to get some photos and ask her a few questions. Understandably, she was quite busy preparing for the debut release, but still gave herself some time to answer some questions!

Her new brand’s name is BELINDA and it debuted on the 2nd of February with eight pieces of clothing.

DaTuRa just closed down. What made you want to start such a venture again?

I had never imagined a job aside from DaTuRa, but when my current boss called me I decided “Let’s do this!”. My intuition told me that if it was this person it would work out!

What's your concept for Belinda?

DaTura's successor; BELINDA

I always want to play the leading role.
No matter the time, I want to shine brighter than anyone else.

Going on a date with your boyfriend or husband, going to work, having a good time with your friends or making memories together with your child…
spending time with your family.
Various things change and new stages start.
Even with these changes, I want to be the most exciting woman whenever and wherever I can.

Matching all kinds of different lifestyles, always making me the protagonist.
My concept is making clothes that give me that special feeling.

To women who want to keep shining for eternity…

For wanting to be loved forever.

What was the process like coming up with the concept and making it come true?

I had to find something besides DaTuRa that I liked. I thought about what I would like to wear and decided on the concept.
After that, I find what it is that I love. Then to be able to honestly convey that feeling, I look at a lot of materials, photos, clothes, and just about anything to decide on designs based on the clothes I want to wear, while also imagining the lifestyle I want.

Is it more of a challenge now that you are a mother?

I got to know a lifestyle that I did not know before and felt inspired to create a brand that represents that lifestyle!

Where do you get inspiration from?

I get my inspiration by looking at all kinds of people when I go out. And then by looking at foreign magazines and social media.

Will you be opening shop, or maybe doing a pop up shop, anytime soon?

If I get the chance, I would love to do it.


I think she is correct in saying that her line will fit many lifestyles, as it feels like all kinds of women will be able to make her clothes match their style.

My favorite pieces are the blue and pink flower dresses and the puffy sleeved top; which are perfect for this spring!

How do you like DaTuRa’s successor BELINDA? Do you see yourself shopping from them or no?
Let us know in the comments!

Check out her socials at Reina’s Instagram, Webstore, Belinda’s Instagram

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  1. So pretty! Love her concept of being the “protagonist” and how she approaches creating her line. Can’t wait to see what other pieces Belinda releases, that tweed dress is amazing 😍

  2. It was killing me not to have bought something on her initial startup, but it’s all fixed now hehehehehehe

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