Cyber Japan Dancers new member


Cyber Japan Dancers new member ELENA has joined the beautiful body gal dancer group CYBERJAPAN DANCERS

ELENA is from Tokyo. Up until elemetrary school she studied at Avex dance school. In Junior high school she studied classic ballet. Besides dance, in high school she practiced volleyball and joined the schools dance club. She is currently studying in University to be a cabin attendant.

ELENA also works as a beer seller at sport games, while attending college.”Sometimes we have sold up to 350 cups a day.” 

I love Macaroons and CYBERJAPAN DANCERS

My favorite food is macaroons. I like them way too much. I heard that macarons are sold for 100 yen per piece in Korea. I was attracted to the low price and decided to fly to Korea. But if I take the plane ticket price into the mix, then of course it it was more expensive. (Laughs).

Then I heard that CYBERJAPAN DANCERS opened a spot. I really like going to festivals, love to listen to EDM at home and outside. Meeting one of their dancers gave me a chance to join.
As for future activities, I want to challenge myself, and as a new member of Cyber Japan, I will do my best to give many people happiness and energy!


Cyber Japan Dancers new member

Birthday: October 2
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 165cm
Hobbies: watching baseball, YouTube, beauty, travel
Specialties: speaking Babi, hula hoop






(Modelpress editorial department, Translated and modified by Emi)

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