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Onee Gyaru Trends

Most, if not all of you have heard of the term, “gyaru is dying“, just like any other style, gyaru is evolving and in some aspects, the mainstream is taking over. People are more and more focused on fitting in and being popular rather than sticking out like a sore thumb to protest societies standards. So while that rebellion phase of gyaru might be dying, I would not say that the fashion aspect of it is.
As many sub-styles have been brought to their unfortunate deaths, other styles still thrive. Styles such as ane agejo, onee gyaru and kuro gyaru are still surviving.

This is mostly true in the Japanese scene. However, in the gaijin community older styles are being revived. Honestly? Rokku and agejo never really left! While I believe that ane agejo got a bit of a rise in the community in recent years. Onee gyaru never really took off in as it is a more toned down sub-style of gyaru. Those of you that know me know I love onee gyaru even if I do not do my makeup like that anymore. I still very much love and thrive in the fashion aspect of the style, and I want more gals to be able to appreciate it as well! So in this post I want to show you some trends that have been happening this year for Onee Gyaru, and who knows? Maybe you like them and can incorporate them into your style, or even better yet, join us in making Onee Gyaru bigger!

Animal Prints

My favorite change that has been happening with in this style for the past 2-3 years is the change in length and fit of clothes. Many brands are now opting more forlong dresses and skirts, and even if the skirt or dress is a tight one, it is now more likely to be a long one rather than short.
This gives off a more comfortable feeling, while still staying chic, and in many cases elegant.

As for the trends that I had been noticing for the spring/summer seasons were animal prints; mainly python, dalmatian and leopard.
Animal prints are something that regularly pop up again and again, but I feel like they came in even stronger this summer.
Python and dalmatian came in a last year, yet they did not gain traction until this year.
Particularly the dalmatian with so many brands with their own take on the pattern. Sadly, I felt like too many brands did dalmatian with a beige as the base color, while I felt like pure, crisp, white made it that much more stylish.


Following this trend I noticed that scarves and scarf prints (namely nods to Hermes) showed up in EVERYTHING. Brands have been especially creative with scarves this summer incorporating them into coats, tops, skirts, just everything! You name it and it has probably happened this summer! The autumn/winter fashion did not adapt this trend too closely, but scarves never disappear, so I am hopeful to see more in the coming seasons.
You can easily DIY this trend, such as tying scarves over a plain t-shirt, or wrapping it around the ankle strap on your favorite pumps, not to mention wrapping it on a bag strap to further accessorize!


In terms of silhouettes; pants have also been popular for a bit, flare pants with slits, loose flowy pants. Like mentioned above, long dresses and skirts have been dominating over short dresses. This is something I feel is happening as girls are now leaning more towards being dressed comfortably while still being elegant and fashionable. They are moving away from sexy and gaudy more so towards casual but chic.


Which brings me to the trends we saw during the first months of fall into winter. As for animal patterns leopard is still going on strong and as far as I see zebra is taking over from were dalmatian and python left off.

As mentioned, I’ve been seeing some scarves continuing onward as well as tops with asymmetric and differently cut neck lines have been popping up with almost all of the brands as far as I have seen. Another fun trend that I first saw Resexxy and Eimy Istoire do are plain long no-sleeve shirt dresses with a slit down the side. They are more often than not paired with skirts, however they look great with denim as well.

Aside from the zebra pattern, there is of course some hounds-tooth and check patterns, which is to be expected around this time. 
Color wise this autumn/winter has been really neutral, with a few pops of colors. My favorite being the earthy green.

What's to come?

Brands are slowly releasing snippets of their Summer/Spring collections, and we are bound to see more of long flowy dresses and skirts, with muted pinks, blue and greens. Definitely a lot to look forward to!

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