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Announcement: Valentine’s Special

We’re sure you’re all super excited to get to our Volume 2. However before that we want to bring you a Valentine’s Special, our Valentine’s Card to you! It will be a special look book mostly focused on how you can prepare for Valentine’s. For example what kind of outfits, makeup and hair you could try out. We’re all super excited to show you the result!

Before our Volume 1 release we made some Phone backgrounds that were greatly received!! Due to that we made a few for our Valentine’s release, so take a look!!

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This time around we have three Reader participations lined up for you!
The first one we are doing is in Collaboration with Gyaru Valentine’s. It felt appropriate to do something with them and we are so happy to bring you some Valentine Love together!

Please send us your funny, cute, sweet Valentine’s Cards to

Deadline for these has been extended, so please ignore the date on the advertisements themselves! Feel free to send in yours now, or ask us on any of our socials (linked down below) if we are still accepting!

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One Reader Participation that we have been dying to do is “Animal Talk”. 
Many of you have read the old EGG Magazine and recognize this, but in there they would often feature graphic stories from readers accompanied by comics!

Well, now it’s happening in Papillon too! Yet, for it to be a success we need you, our readers, to send in your funniest, most embarrassing and sexiest (or not) stories!

Our third Reader Participation is about sharing love with your friends.
Valentine’s isn’t just about romance, it’s about showing your friends and family that you care about them. As such, we want you to send us a selfie of you and your friend with a message to them!
Submissions go to same email as Galentines!

Seeing as this will be a look book it will feature exclusive coords from our models as well as some new guest models that have joined us! We promise you that you will love every page! Our editors are working hard now on editing as well as we are working on other things to complete it!

Papillon’s Valentines Special will be going live
on the 7th of February 2020!!!

Ps. 1 While you wait, take a look at Volume 1, that is now in print!
Ps. 2 We’ll be changing our banners and DPs on sns soon, so keep an eye out for it!!



  1. There will be some great looks in there, I am sure!!! <3

  2. Love the reader participation events this issue 😍❤💕 Can’t wait to see all the Animal Talk stories 👀

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