Announcement: Opening New Doors

Creating something as big as a magazine is an awesome, but strenuous task. We are so proud to have had the fortune to gather an amazing, motivated team that is willing to put their time and effort into it.

I’ve had a really great time getting to know all of our members throughout this venture as we have shared our ideas about future issues; what we can accomplish and how we can help our community become stronger and tighter than ever before.
As a community, we have grown so much throughout the years. I’m quite happy to say that the comm has never been so positive with our groups, meetups, and now Papillon.

This might sound a bit egotistical, but I really hope that through Papillon we can help bring everyone even closer together and show new gals that while gyaru is a long journey, it is well worth it!

None of this would have been possible had it not been for our dear friend Darla. She opened up the idea through her Instagram story and it sparked something in me. I slid into her DMs right away so I could express my interest should this become a reality. Believe me when I say I was over the moon happy when the wheels actually started turning to make Papillon an actual thing!

Darla and I clicked in so many ways, including ideas for the magazine and interests. It was such a pleasure to work with her these past few months.
Darla has decided that she will be stepping down as the head of the magazine to focus on her private life. While it saddens me to lose her voice in the magazine and I will miss working with her, I am stepping up as the leader of Papillon and taking on this project with the awesome team that is Lala, Shin, Kelsey, and Cattea. They have all been doing an amazing job with everything and I believe Papillon wouldn’t be what it is without them!

Once again, a great, big thank you to Darla for getting this ball rolling!

We all hope to make her, as well as the rest of the community, proud of what is to come in the future!

Signature Magazine Head Lea

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