Halloween LookBook

Announcement: Halloween LookBook!

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean our fun is over, no that is very far from the truth!
We love to dress up every opportunity we get and what time better than Halloween to do so?

SO without further ado, we present to you our Halloween LookBook!

Coming to All Gals on 109 Day!

Sporting the gorgeous Gretchen on the cover, our Halloween Lookbook will be available to you on the 9th of October!

This day has often been named the 109 day after our Holy Meccha, the Shibuya 109 and we saw this as a great opportunity to pay tribute to this great day!!

Galloweeni-fy your Phone!

We’re also back with more Phone backgrounds, Galloween style!

Check out the full range over here and tag us on sns if your phone sports one of these beauties!

You can also check out our previous backgrounds here!

Papillon; the Trilogy

Halloween is all about being spooky, sexy and cute! But our models choose their costumes depending on these themes and we hope there will be something for everyone in there!

Besides some great costumes, our in-house Makeup Artist Allison made a great tutorial full of tips and tricks, so please look forward to a great Galloween with us!!

Check out our previous volumes while you wait, Volume 1 has some Galloween fun that you can peak at to quench your thirst!!!



  1. Sooooo excited 😍😍😍 Halloween is the best time of year after summer 💚🖤💜

  2. I am in LOVE with this lookbook! Everyone did such an amazing job 🥰! The outfits, the makeup spreads, the artwork on the back!!?!! AMAZING ❤️

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