14 year old Marisa

Interview with 14-year-old Model Marisa

The 4th EGG Exclusive Model Audition, which determined the new exclusive model for the magazine EGG, was held this month. The Grand Prix was awarded to Marisa (Marisa Asai), a 14-year-old from Hyogo .

In an interview with Model Press, we learned about Marisa , the youngest model of EGG and heard her dreams for her generation.

14 year old Marisa
14 year old Marisa

Pictures copyrigted by Modelpress

How did you get here?

-Congratulations on joining as an exclusive model. Please tell us how you are feeling.
Marisa: Even though I scored 1st place on LINE LIVE, I did not think I would be chosen since I am still a junior high school student. So when I heard that I could become an exclusive model, I was really happy and cried.

-How did you audition for the exclusive model of EGG?
Marisa: I was looking at the entry for LINE LIVE and was hesitating about entering. But my mother, who was originally in EGG, pushed me and said it would be fun if I did it as well.

-Did you do any entertainment-related work?
Marisa: I was scouted by my company in December 2018. Last summer, I started attending lessons and participated in a fashion show.

Weekend Gal

-What kind of activities do you want to do as a new model?
Marisa: I think EGG is a really great magazine created by 25 years of gal culture. I’m very honored to be published in EGG. My dilemma is that I am a junior high school student, who still can’t do flashy gal styles like dyeing my hair and piercing my ears. I’m a serious student on weekdays, but on weekends I’m going to work hard to be a gal.

-What about girls your age? 
Marisa: I want to show my generation that we can also do gyaru. And hopefully the number of gals will increase.

Short Questions

– What is your favorite food?
Marisa: Plum.

-What food do you dislike?
Marisa: Nothing.

-What are your special skills?
Marisa: I can make my voice sound like a small baby.

– Hobby?
Marisa: Watching YouTube.

-What did you do before the audition?
Marisa: I researched diet and makeup. I like eating and I’m not good at exercising. To exercise more, I decided to take detours home from school and did not use the elevator, so before the final interview I had lost 2.5kg.

-What will you not lose to?
Marisa: Walking.

-Who do you look up to?
Marisa: Momo Ito (伊藤桃々).

14 year old Marisa

The secret to fulfilling dreams

-Lastly, what are the secrets to fulfilling your dream?

Marisa: I look for a person who is above me, a person I look up to, and try my best to exceed them. Also, as my mother said; “If you strongly desire something, your dreams will always come true”. I have always believed that. I think it is important to believe in yourself. If you give up, it’s over. I will also work hard to learn from my EGG seniors and become an even better gal!

– Thank you very much.

(Modelpress editorial department, Translation and modification by Emi. Pictures copyrighted by modelpress)

Signature Chibi Emi


  1. Interesting that her mom was also in Egg! 😮 I wonder who she is 🤔 Marisa’s look isn’t very gal, but I hope we can watch her/her style evolve into that of a strong gyaru over time 💪💖

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