M Lovable People

Ayumi Hamasaki – TV Drama

Last year in August, writer named Narumi Komatsu wrote a book named “M Lovable People”. The book was about the birth and end of the Diva Ayumi Hamsaki and drew quite the attention. Now it has been decided to make it into a serial drama starring Karen Anzai and Shohei Miura.

It will broadcast on TV Asahi on saturday evening beginning in April, and will be distributed on AbemaTV.

The drama is set in the turbulent music industry of the 1990s. Written by Osamu Suzuki it will follow Ayu as she moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo to become a perfoming artist, and how she met Masa who became her producer.

Karen Anzai, who will be portraiying Ayu, debuted last year in may with the single “I felt all enemies in the world and loved loneliness”.

Message from the main cast

Anzai: “I am nervous as this is my first play. But I want to think how I can make the drama better and how to actualize it. I would be happy if this drama would become something that people will look forward to”.

Miura: “For better or worse, this drama is going to attract a lot of attention. So I can sense the pressure. For Ayu and Masa fans, I will do my best to portray Masa!”

M Lovable People

True to its time

In the drama they will replicate the fashion and customs of the 1990s, as well as the biggest Disco in Asia, Velfarre in Roppongi, the scramble walk in Shibuya with its neon lights. As well as showcasing the trend items of the times and hit songs.

(Written by Keisuke Ouchi. Translated and modified by Emi)

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  1. So excited to see all of the looks that come out of this 😍 Ayumi has had some great ones 💖

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